Voting record

Below are a links to a number of key votes. Councillor voting records are public information. To find out how I voted on matters at Council, visit the meeting schedule page here. Clicking on individual meetings and then items on meetings will allow you see the vote of each councillor.

Should you wish to know how I voted on a particular matter but can’t find it, please do not hesitate to contact my office and I will gladly let you know.

CC39.5 – Scarborough Rapid Transit Options – Reporting on Council Term and Conditions –  Voted for a Subway for Scarboorugh

EX30.1 – New Casino and Development in Toronto – Voted for a downtown casino

EX14.1 – 2012 Capital and Operating Budgets — Voted for a budget that respects taxpayers

EX6.2 – Whistleblower Protection Policy — Voted to strengthen whistleblower protection

PW3.1 – Solid Waste Management Services Garbage Collection Request for Quotations (RFQs) — Voted to allow private contractors to compete to provide residential garbage collection services west of Yonge Street

EX4.10 – Service Review Program, 2012 Budget Process and Multi-Year Financial Planning Process — Voted in support of a core service review for the City of Toronto

CC6.1 – Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board of Directors — Voted to remove the Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board of Directors

EX3.4 – 2011 Operating Budget — Voted to approve the City of Toronto’s 2011 Operating Budget with no major service cuts and no property tax increases

EX1.5 – Councillor Office Expense Budget — Voted to reduce councillor office expense budgets from $50,445 to $30,000, effective January 1, 2011.

EX1.7 – Personal Vehicle Tax – Repeal of Tax and Termination of Collection Agreement — Voted to eliminate the annual $60 vehicle registration fee.

EX1.8 – Designating the TTC an Essential Service — Voted to request the Province of Ontario to designate the TTC an essential service.

EX1.1 – 2011 Budget Process — Voted to move up the date at which Council adopts the 2011 budget to February 28, 2011.