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Statement About Monday’s Special Council Meeting

The special council meeting on Monday, November 18th was emotionally charged and unprecedented. I want to reiterate what I have stated many times before; I do not condone the Mayor’s conduct and behavior (inside and outside the council chamber). It has been an embarrassment and sets a poor example to all Torontonians, particularly to our youth. It is unfortunate that the Mayor did not listen to the advice given to him by me personally and by Council as a whole to step aside in order to deal with his issues.

Last week, I supported sanctions that included:

  • An investigation by the Integrity Commissioner;
  • Stabilization of committees and chairs;
  • The transfer of emergency powers;
  • Request for the Mayor to take a leave of absence; and,
  • Request for the Mayor to cooperate with the police.

These sanctions were significant and provided the necessary stability that our city needed. On Thursday, November 14thanother special council meeting was called for Monday, November 18th. The agenda consisted of four recommendations to strip the Mayor of additional powers. Given the seriousness and the impact of these recommendations, I spent much of the weekend obtaining community feedback and researching the consequences prior to Monday’s meeting. As I entered the council chamber on Monday, I noted that there was an amendment that was distributed minutes before the meeting. It was evident that staff did not have the time to study the motion to properly respond to questions.

Upon reviewing this motion, it was clear to me that it was radically changed from the original. I strongly felt this was a move to seriously redefine the role of the Mayor’s office (regardless who the Mayor is) and its responsibilities that in essence would reduce Mayor Rob Ford to be a Mayor in name only. My decision had to do with protecting the value of your vote and respecting your democratic rights. The next election is months away and the final decision should be left up to the voters.

While I disagree with council’s decision, I will work with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly in the hopes of continuing to move ahead with the agenda that I was elected to implement. I will continue to fight for low taxes, outstanding customer service, building transportation for the future and pass a 2014 budget with a minimal tax increase. The power has shifted. Mere days after Monday’s vote, there is already talk about more spending, which will result in higher taxes.


Media contact:  Alex Greco, Acting Executive Assistant to Councillor Vincent Crisanti, 416-338-5133,

Statement about Mayor Rob Ford

I have always supported a municipal government that is fiscally conservative and is accountable to the residents of Toronto.

I am disappointed with what has been reported through the media concerning the Mayor and his admission to using drugs. This behaviour does not reflect the values of our city and I am very concerned about the message that it sends to our young people. I have supported programs like D.A.R.E. and I encourage our youth to make the right choices in life, say no to drugs, and lead by example.

It is unfortunate that the Mayor’s statement did not include acknowledgement that addressed taking time off to sort out his personal issues. The story continues to unfold and this most current tape underscores the critical need for Mayor Ford to obtain professional help.

My message to the residents of Ward 1 and Torontonians is very clear. My job is to stand up for you at City Hall and to deliver results.

I have been getting feedback from my constituents encouraging the Mayor to seek help and wishing him well in this difficult time. Ultimately, this is the Mayor’s decision and I hope he will make the right one.

During these challenging times, I remain focussed and committed in support of prudent fiscal policies.


Media contact:  Alex Greco, Acting Executive Assistant to Councillor Vincent Crisanti, 416-338-5133,

Statement from Councillor Vincent Crisanti regarding the shooting death of a teenage boy in Rexdale

Councillor Vincent Crisanti (Ward 1 – Etobicoke North) is deeply saddened to learn of the death of a teenage boy shot on Sunday evening in the Martin Grove Road and Finch Avenue West area.

“Our City has lost another one of its children to senseless violence,” Councillor Crisanti said from the scene on Monday morning. “I am saddened and at the same time angered by what has happened. I am committed to making North Etobicoke safe.”

Councillor Crisanti met with neighbours, Toronto Police, and Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), which owns and manages the buildings.

There are four security cameras located in the area of the shooting.

Councillor Crisanti has since December been engaged with Toronto Police and TCHC to improve safety and address gang and drug issues in Rexdale. He will be part of a three-point plan developed by the City of Toronto and the Neighbourhood Action Committee to address violence.

On July 16, Councillor Crisanti will host a safety BBQ in the area with Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

North Etobicoke Business Alliance to launch on January 25
January 20, 2011

Councillor Vincent Crisanti (Ward 1 – Etobicoke North) on Thursday announced the inaugural meeting of the North Etobicoke Business Alliance, a business roundtable for Toronto’s northwest corner.

The continuation of a successful program in the mid 1990s, the Business Alliance will be organized through Councillor Crisanti’s office and supported by the City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture Division.

“The North Etobicoke Business Alliance is a partnership designed to leverage the City of Toronto’s economic expertise in order to help companies in North Etobicoke grow and prosper,” Councillor Crisanti said.

The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 25 at 3:00pm at the Elmbank Community Centre at 10 Rampart Road in Etobicoke.

The Business Alliance meetings will be an opportunity for firms in the area to share ideas and best practices, and to provide their input on how to make the City of Toronto and North Etobicoke a more attractive environment for companies.

Councillor Crisanti will work closely with area companies and facilitate connections with the political and staff-level leadership at the City of Toronto. He said the program would allow companies to learn how to grow within the City of Toronto, and the opportunities and incentives to make it happen.

Business Alliance workshops, to be held in partnership with local companies, will provide businesses with opportunities including:

  • Streamlining approval within the City planning process
  • Environmental initiatives to improve the bottom line including Toronto Hydro programs and business-to-business waste exchange
  • Upcoming changes in City legislation
  • Information on the City of Toronto’s Tax Incremental Equivalency Grants
  • Optimizing the efficiency in the production process (lean manufacturing)
  • Smart Commute, a Metrolinx initiative that helps companies organize better commuting solutions for their employees
  • Labour force programs and hiring assistance from Toronto Employment and Social Services labour force surveys

More information on the North Etobicoke Business Alliance can be found online at For more information contact:

Justin Hane
Executive Assistant to Councillor Vincent Crisanti
Office: (416) 392-0205
Mobile: (647) 881-0566