Community Spotlight

Broken Silence

November 1st. 2013


Broken Silence was created in September of 2008. Broken Silence is a co-ed dance group that has performed in Toronto at different community events and talent competions. One of the highlights of Broken Silences success is when they competed in an Urban Dance competiton in 2009 called STOMP. This competition takes place every year downtown at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre or at the Sony Centre. Broken Silence as well as other groups were instructed to come up with a 2 minute routine and perform it the day of the competion. This was Broken Silence’s first competion.

Together as a group with their choreographers Shanelle Watson and Brittney Dixon Broken Silence worked even harder, which led them to a road of non stop competiotions where they clamed first plce titles as well as community events and City wide talent shows. one of the biggest Talent shows Broken Silence had been featured two years in a row was Urban Noise. Urban Noise is a youth led organization that is put together by Expect Theatre.

Urban Noise is a huge event that is taken place in the Rexdale community that highlights local talent. Broken Silence has performed for local community events such as fundraisers for The Woodbine Race Track Commitee, North Kipling CC multicultral shows, the Albion Neighbourhood services Albion Boys and Girls Club, The YMCA, The Rexdale Legal Clinic, the Rexdale Womens Centre, the Rexdale Communuty Hub, Elmbank Annual Fish Fry Event, Sweet Darling Divas Pageants, North Albion Collegeant highschool, North Kipling Jr School, Birthday Parties, Retirment parties, Councillor Crisanti’s Community BBQ among many other events.

Broken Silence loves nothing more than performing and showing off their talent. Not only do they dance to hip hop but they also dance contempory, reggea, african, bollywood and also gospel. with every dance rountine Broken Silence is known for adding and creating a huge sparke of Dramatic scenes and hilarious acts during every performance.

Broken Silence means being able to express ‘ Breaking the Silence” through dancing and follwoing the groups motto “Together we stand devided we fall” a messege from the choreographers: ” Broken Silence is not just a group, we are a family!”

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